Pescara airport (Abruzzo) car rental

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Rent a Car in Pescara Airport

The Pescara Airport is located 13 kilometers from Pescara, in the town of Pescara. It is the largest airport of Abruzzo and is considered as the busiest airport in Italy. Most of the car rental companies operating in Pescara will provide services at this airport. However, there are hundreds of car hire options available in Pescara, so you can choose the car that best suits your traveling needs. Most of the car rental offers in Pescara airport Abruzzo are not exclusive, therefore you can easily rent a car from car rental companies operating out of any part of the country.


The Pescara Airport has a lot of terminals. The airport offers international flight connections to major cities in Italy, including Milan, Turin, Brano, Genoa, Venice, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Taipei. International travelers usually pick up their rented cars at the terminal in Pescara after they reach the town. There are three car rental companies in the airport. These are Sixt, Avis, and Budget.


Most rental companies offer free pick-up services for travellers wishing to rent a vehicle at the Pescara Airport. There is an airport parking lot right next to the airport. This car rental parking is usually in close proximity to taxis and bus stops. Taxis and buses can take you directly to your hotel or to your car rental company. Buses can also drop you off to local destinations.


Apart from the airport parking, there are many more car rental companies in and around the town of Pescara Airport. They are easily accessible through the Pescara Airport transfer service. You can get the addresses of these car rental companies through the airport transfer office. These companies usually provide detailed information about their rates, terms and conditions. You may want to call a few of them to compare their rates before you settle for one car rental company to rent a car in Pescara Airport.


It is recommended that you use the internet to locate a suitable car rental company to rent a car in Pescara Airport. You will be able to view the pictures of some of their models and also read the details about the car rental policies and conditions online. It is very convenient to rent a car over the internet as it saves your time and petrol. Most car rental companies have online forms for a customer to fill in and then the car would be sent to the customer immediately.


There are two types of car rental companies in Pescara Airport. The first one is affiliated with the major car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Luckycar and so on. The other type belongs to a company which is not an established one but has its own fleet of vehicles on hire. The second type of car rental company is recommended if you are planning to travel around town on vacation or if you often come back to Pescara Airport. They offer reasonably priced cars and they can pick up your rented car from the airport.


Hertz is one of the most popular car rental companies in Pescara Airport. This is because Hertz offer value for money and their vehicles are also clean and comfortable. Hertz can pick up your rented car from the airport and drop it off at the hotel you chose. If you need to travel a lot and need to make lots of trips, then you should think about renting from a top quality car rental company like Hertz.


The second type of car rental company in Pescara Airport is Luckycar. They offer cars that are slightly cheaper than those offered by Hertz. They are also known for delivering your rented car to your hotel in one condition. To top it all, Luckycar is also associated with other good companies like Budget, Safeway and Carhire New York. If you book online with the company's website, you will have access to these other great offers, as well as to the best price!

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Demand for car rental is extremely strong during the holidays, which is reflected in both the price and availability of available vehicles.

November is the cheapest month to rent a car in Pescara airport (Abruzzo), with prices starting at €13 for an Economy class vehicle

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Average cost of gasoline in Pescara airport (Abruzzo)

Diesel ~ €1.49
Petrol ~ €1.64
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What documents are needed for car rental?

You will need a driver's licence, a credit card and a voucher to rent a car in Pescara airport (Abruzzo).

Driving license
Credit card

Answers to popular questions about car rental in Pescara airport (Abruzzo)

+ - May I rent a car without a credit card?

Credit cards are required by all car rental companies.Other cards may be dismissed. See the "Payment" section in the rental conditions for more information.

+ - Is it possible to return a car to another location?

Through our one-way rentals, you can take a car at one of our Luckycar locations and return it to another.Traveling for work, taking a road trip, or relocating can all be simplified with a one-way rental that suits the requirements.With our low prices, you can travel to neighbouring countries worry-free and on a budget.

+ - Which kind of insurance is included in my car rental?

For more details, please check the rental conditions.When you browse for a rental on our website, you can come across these.To access the details, simply click on the "insurance" link.

+ - How can I cancel my reservation or modify it?

Your reservation can be cancelled for free up to 48 hours before the rental begins at any time.If the reservation time has elapsed, you cannot change or cancel it.

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