Rent a car in Ancona Airport (Falconara)

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Car Rental Offers At Ancona Airport

Rent a car in Ancona Airport is one of the easiest ways to go about the city. The city is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, with lush greenery all around, and a wide variety of interesting sites. The main Ancona Airport is well equipped with a lot of hotels that offer the traveler great accommodation during their stay, as well as car rental. These luxurious hotels have some of the finest facilities available in the town, which makes them some of the best car rental offers in Ancona Airport.


A lot of people who travel to Ancona Airport prefer to use the services of a car rental agent, especially since they can take care of all the paperwork for them. A car rental is also a good way to go about the city, since you will not be bound by any traffic laws and won't need to worry about parking your car. All you need to do is point your car towards the desired destination and the car rental will take care of the rest, as it will pick you up from the airport and deliver you to your hotel. If you prefer to do things yourself, you can rent a bike or a moped on the outskirts of the airport as well.


The Ancona Airport is a busy airport, serving both civilian and military passengers alike. There are a number of cars available at this airport, which can meet the needs of different groups of travelers. If you plan to rent a car for a long period of time, it is a good idea to contact the company from where you have rented the car before you leave for your trip. They will be able to advise you on the best car rental offers in Ancona Airport, depending on the season of the year, the type of car that you have hired, and the mileage that you plan to drive. Hiring a reliable car rental company in Falconara will ensure that you get the best car hire offers at the most reasonable prices.

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Rent-a-car points near Ancona Airport (Falconara)

Locations for pick-up and drop-off near Ancona Airport (Falconara)
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There are plenty of car rental companies to choose from in Ancona Airport (Falconara).

November and March will be the cheapest months of car rental in Ancona Airport (Falconara), where prices begins from €15.

Approximate daily prices in Ancona Airport (Falconara)

The average price of gasoline in Ancona Airport (Falconara)

Diesel ~ €1.49
Petrol ~ €1.64
The cost of fuel on a national basis is shown. The data is updated once a month.
Data is gathered from a variety of places, including official government websites and the websites of fuel providers. Keep in mind that gasoline costs in different cities could differ significantly.

Documents needed to rent a car

To rent a car in Ancona Airport (Falconara), you'll need a driver's licence, a passport, a credit card (sometimes two for luxury vehicles).

Driving license
Credit card

Answers to popular questions about car rental in Ancona Airport (Falconara)

+ - May I rent a car without a credit card?

Credit cards are required by any car rental company.It's possible that other cards could be rejected in the rental office. See the "Payment" section of the rental agreements for more information.

+ - Is it possible to rent one way?

With our one-way rentals, it's convenient tu return a car in another location. Just fill the search form to see the one-way rates.

+ - What's my car rental insurance?

If you not buy Full Coverage or any other insurance from the leasing company, the rental car will only have minimal insurance.

+ - What do I do if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

Your reservation can be cancelled for free up to 48 hours before the rental begins at any time.If the reservation time has elapsed, you cannot change or cancel it.

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