Verona airport (Villafranca) car rental

We have a broad range of vehicles in Verona airport (Villafranca) including economy, luxury and sports.

Rent a Car in Verona Airport

Renting a car at the Villafranca Airport is simple and hassle free. You can select from a wide range of car rental services in this airport, which is located next to the Marchetti shop. There are many car rental companies operating in the city and it will not be difficult for you to locate one to hire a car for your trip. However, there is a lot more to finding the right car rental service to suit your needs than just selecting the first available company that you come across.


The airport car rental service is operated by two different companies, namely, Renta Corse and Sixt, who operate their own fleet of cars. You can use the intercom system or directly contact them to reserve a car. There are also dedicated desks located near the check-in counters for clients who may use the phone or online reservation system. This is a convenient way of locating a car rental service especially when there are no other car rental companies operating in the area.


Car rental services in the Villafranca Airport also include airport transfer services. If you are planning to travel with your family or just want to pick up and drop some travelers, you may hire a vehicle from these companies. Most of these cars are luxurious, so you won't have to worry about the public transport system being too packed. There is a shuttle every 15 minutes or so that will take you to your intended destination. Another car rental company in the area offers cars with driver and luggage storage at a reasonable rate. You can also book your car online and get a good discount on the price.


Once you have picked out the car you want to rent, you need to find a place to park it in the airport. Some of the car rental companies in the Villa aren't allowed to park in the airport itself, so you may have to go around or on foot to the car rental desks. If you are going to drive to the Villafranca Airport, you should be prepared to pay a fee to park your vehicle. Otherwise, all airports in the region to allow you to drive to your hotel using a rent a car service.


The car rental company will give you a sticker to put on your car. When you rent a car, you must return this car to the company with all the appropriate stickers intact. Without the proper stickers, the car cannot be registered. Some car rental companies may offer insurance for rented cars. You should check with your car rental company for more information.


Most car rental companies have their own websites. You can book your vacation or travel plans online. Online booking saves you time and ensures that you will not miss any last minute deals. If you don't already plan to rent a car while in Italy, you might want to think about it. Most visitors do book ahead to make sure they have a car ready when they arrive in Italy.


Once you arrive in Italy, you will likely be offered a car rental by one of the many Italian tourist agencies. If you wish to rent a car while in Italy, you should contact one of these car rental companies ahead of time. They will likely provide you with a map of the city and direct you to the nearest place that has a car rental agency. Renting a car is an essential travel expense and is something that you shouldn't take lightly.


When you rent a car at the Villa, you will also be taken to nearby attractions, places of interest, and other attractions where you can park and enjoy your stay. Many Italian tourists rent cars not only because it is a great way to travel around, but it is also a convenient way for them to travel around town, visit their favorite shops, or just take a leisurely stroll. There is no reason why you can't rent a car as you plan your next vacation and spend more time enjoying the city and relaxing than struggling to find a way to carry all of your luggage around.

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You will have many excellent choices of car rental agencies to choose from in Verona airport (Villafranca).

Among the economy cars, the model VW Up is the most common in Verona airport (Villafranca). The rental rate for this vehicle begins at model €11 price per day with popular supplier SIXT.

Estimated daily prices

Estimated fuel prices in Verona airport (Villafranca):

Diesel ~ €1.49
Petrol ~ €1.64
The cost of fuel on a national basis is shown. The data is updated once a month.
Data is gathered from a variety of places, including official government websites and the websites of fuel providers. Keep in mind that gasoline costs in different cities could differ significantly.

List of required documents

In order to rent a car in Verona airport (Villafranca), you must provide a driver's licence, a credit card, and a passport.

Driving license
Credit card

Answers to popular questions

+ - Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card?

A credit card is required by all car rental companies.Other cards could be rejected. See the "Payment" details of the rental conditions for more information.

+ - Is it possible to return a car to a different location?

Rules and Restrictions on One-Way Rentals in Verona airport (Villafranca):There may be fines or limits for one-way car rental due to insurance requirements and charges for returning cars.However, at Luckycar, we will always let you know if there are any fees or other costs when you book.The cost of a one-way car rental inside the same country or across borders is often determined by the destination and car.

+ - Which type of insurance is included with my car rental?

Depending on the car rental company covering the rental, they can have a variety of extra coverage options, the most popular of which is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW).

+ - How do I cancel or change my reservation?

You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental begins.The reservation cannot be cancelled if the pick-up period has already passed.

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