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Car Rental Deals in Moscow

If you are looking for the best car rental deals in Moscow then you should get the best deal online. There are many websites that have Moscow car hire services available at the best rates. You just need to book your trip online and wait for the car to be delivered at your destination or pick-up. With the help of the Internet, people can search many sites to compare prices and book the car rentals.


The best car rental offers in Moscow include the apartment cars, town car and minibar rental services. If you are a student, you can find Moscow apartments with facilities including wi-fi Internet and cable TV. The car rental services include brand new cars, second hand cars, taxis and shuttle buses.

When you rent a car, you need to make sure to read the terms and conditions associated with the rental contract. It is also necessary to check the mileage of the car and other essential information that might be required of you. It is better to understand the system of toll free numbers so that you don't get charged extra for booking a car or driving a car that isn't rented from a particular site. You need to find out all this before you make your choice of rent a car in Moscow.

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Many different car rental companies have a location in Moscow, so you will have options.

For example, during August, you will only pay for €67 per day, but during October, the same car costs only €32 daily.

Average prices by car class

Average cost of gasoline in Moscow

Diesel ~ €0.6
Petrol ~ €0.6
The cost of fuel on a national basis is shown. The data is updated once a month.
Data is gathered from a variety of places, including official government websites and the websites of fuel providers. Keep in mind that gasoline costs in different cities could differ significantly.

A list of the required document:

A driver's licence, passport, and credit card are required to rent a car in Moscow.

Driving license
Credit card

Popular questions about car rental in Moscow

+ - Can a car be rented without a credit card?

A credit card is required by all car rental companies.Other cards could be rejected. See the "Payment" details of the rental conditions for more information.

+ - Is it possible to return a car to a different place from where it was rented?

Simply type your preferred pick-up and drop-off locations in the booking engine at the top of the list, and you will see an alert if a one-way rental between the two stations is not available.At the conclusion of the operation, the one-way rental fee will be added to the overall amount due.

+ - Which kind of insurance is included in my car rental?

We kindly advise you to purchase our Full Coverage.We have the best price, and you will be much safer during your rental time because you will be secured by a global corporation.

+ - How can I cancel my reservation or modify it?

You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental begins.Otherwise, a fee of up to 50 EUR would be retained.If the reservation's pick-up deadline has expired, it cannot be cancelled.

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