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Finding the best car rental offers in Paris is a lot easier than you may think. There are many ways to find a great deal on a car rental in Paris so it is worth spending some time doing research and comparing different rental companies before making any decisions. Paris is one of the most important travel destinations for all tourists and it has a very distinctive character that cannot be replicated any place else in the world. You can rent a car in Paris for as little as a day and you will have the opportunity to explore many of the famous sights in the City of Light.


Paris region boasts some of the most exquisite landmarks anywhere in Europe. These include the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Picasso Museum, and the Arch de Triumph. Many of the major attractions in Paris are within easy reach of each other making it very convenient for visitors to visit them in a short amount of time. However, there is another way to rent a car in Paris that is both cheaper and more convenient and this is to go car rental. With Paris being one of the most popular cities in the world, it should not come as too much of a surprise that there are plenty of cheap car rental deals available.


It is possible to hire a car in Paris for as little as twenty bucks depending on the distance you intend to drive. For example, you could hire a cheap car for only ten dollars if you intend to drive around central Paris. You can also hire a luxury car for between seventy-five to one hundred dollars depending on the size of car you want. If you are visiting during the summer months or on holidays, then you can expect to pay more to rent a car in Paris. However, with Paris being such an important tourist attraction, you will usually find car rental prices extremely reasonable.

The best car rental offers in Paris are often found online. There are many companies that offer special deals online, offering great deals on rental cars. These companies often have several different payment options, allowing you to make your car rental payments online, thus ensuring that you will never miss a payment. Many car rental companies also allow you to use the internet to book your car before you arrive in Paris, allowing you to book the car online and wait for it to be delivered to you at your chosen pick up location.


One of the best car rental deals in Paris is to rent a car from a group, as many rental companies offer weekly rates and daily rates that are less expensive than individual prices. In addition, some companies will allow you to add a young driver to your rental plan at no additional cost to you. Young drivers can often be found for as little as twenty dollars per day, often discounted from the standard rental rates, but still making it one of the best car rental deals in Paris. You can also join a car club in Paris to enjoy discounts not available to individual customers, allowing you to share driving expenses with other people who may be planning to visit Paris on vacation.


Renting a car is easy in Paris. Thanks to all the transportation network available throughout the city, it is easy to rent a car and have fun exploring the sights and sounds of Paris. Whether you are looking for the perfect way to beat the crowds or just want to feel safe and comfortable when visiting the beautiful city, renting a car in Paris is an excellent option for you.

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November is the cheapest month to rent a car in Paris, with prices starting at €10 for an Economy class vehicle

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Diesel ~ €1.45
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List of required documents

You will need a driver's licence, a credit card and a voucher to rent a car in Paris.

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Answers to popular questions about car rental in Paris

+ - Can a car be rented without a credit card?

Credit cards are required by any car rental company.It's possible that other cards could be rejected in the rental office. See the "Payment" section of the rental agreements for more information.

+ - Is it possible to return a car to a different location?

It is simple with our one way rentals to rent a car and return it one of our Luckycar stations. The one-way charge is always based on the destination and vehicle within the same country or across borders.

+ - What kind of insurance does my rental car have?

Depending on the car rental provider they can offer various types of additional coverage, but the most popular is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW).

+ - How can I make changes to my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the rental begins.Otherwise, a fee of up to 50 EUR would be retained.If the reservation's pick-up deadline has expired, it cannot be cancelled.

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